14 de abr de 2010

É possível amar e ser amada !!!!!

OLá! Estava  navegando nos blogs de scrapbook e afins ,  e encontrei o blog da Megan . São muitas informações em seu blog. Provávelmente cada dia visitarei um pouco. Mas este post de hoje teve um signifcado especial. Devolveu-me por um momento a esperança no Amor ,aquele amor romântico entre um homem e uma mulher ....

Referêncio então a Mega .   ANOTHER  ANNIVERSARY

So I've been avoiding my own blog because I am totally embarrassed. But, I have to tell you, being married to a man who sees the best in me (even when I don't) is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I feel like there is nothing I can't do with him by my side. He is the greatest man I have ever known. I could go on for eternity about how amazing he is, but the mushiness factor would be tremendous and you would all be drowning in cheese and screaming, "Get a room!" waaaay before I could finish. :) Just trust me when I say that I am the absolute luckiest girl in the world. We are off to Chicago to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, but I'll be back soon to post new headers and buttons!

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